Sunday, 20 October 2013

London Fashion Weekend Haul and Goodie Bag

Another thing that kept me away from blogging last month was going down to London for London Fashion Weekend. It was a really fun and I'd definitely recommend going if your into fashion. There was a catwalk show showcasing the biggest trends of AW13 and loads of really great brands with amazing deals. My favourite part was listening the the creative director or Elle Magazine do a talk about putting together a cover of the magazine and what it's like to work at Elle. We also got a goodie bag so I thought I'd share what was in it and the little thing I bought.

I was most excited about these as I've always heard great things about the band but never tried it. I'm in love with the protein spay, it feels like it's made a really big difference to the condition of my hair. The hairspray also has amazing hold however I've only been using it for nights out as it's a bit much for everyday.

This is a limited edition colour for LFW which is pretty cool. It's a really nice classic red which is always useful to have. The quality pleasantly surprised me as I didn't expect much from a Maybelline polish but the staying power and finish are both great. 

I was super excited to see this in the bag as this used to be my all time favourite mascara. However on closer inspection I realised it was actually in blue! It's quite cool to get it though, as I do want to branch out and use a bit more colour in my make up and I wouldn't have normally bought this. 

Beauty Candy
This really isn't my kind of thing to be honest, as I've never been into silly health fads or dieting. These sweets claim to be good for you and make you beautiful. I'm pretty sceptical of their claims and I'm not rushing to find out of they're true since they taste really strange. The other flavours might be nicer though.

Kusmi Tea
Sadly I'm not a tea drinker (yes, I'm like the biggest fail of a norther) but brands like this make me really wish I was. The packaging is so cute and I love the idea of loose tea. My friend (who is a massive tea drinker) says this is really nice though.

Lavazza Coffe
I'm absolutely addicted to coffee so this was right up my street. I really enjoyed this brand, which I'd never tried before and I'll certainly be getting it again.

House Of Harlow Ring
This was the only item I bought and I got it for a really good deal. I absolutely love it as it's such a unique and versatile ring. I'm a big mixed metals fan so I love that's it incorporates gold and silver. 


  1. That mascara is my favorite!!!!

  2. That ring is absolutely gorgeous! I love mixed metals too!

  3. fun! I love fashion weeks. lucky u could attend. I absolutely adore that ring! XX. GIGI.

  4. Love the colour of the nail polish you got! x x

    1. Same :) Will be great around christmas time :) xx


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